Miss New York Weekend

Most people who know me know I am deeply involved in the world of pageantry. Not the sparkly, catty dress slinging 5-year-old lipstick wearing kind of pageantry (even though yours truly is a veteran judge on Toddlers & Tiaras’, but another story for another day), but the kind of pageantry that provides young ladies with the chance to grow and improve, such as the Miss America Program. Hairspray and swimsuits aside, the Miss America Program is the largest scholarship provider to women in the US, and its participants not only clock in thousands of volunteer hours per year for causes dear to their heart, but have gone on to fruitful and successful careers (as noted by the likes of Sarah Palin, Gretchen Carlson, Maria Menounous and more) with the skills gleaned from countless hours interviewing, representing sponsors and speaking in public. I was very proud to be a volunteer, and eventually the Executive Director for the Miss Brooklyn Scholarship Organization from 2007-2011, and even prouder to watch my inagural Miss Brooklyn (and TWO-time 1st RU at Miss New York) Mallory Hagan, finally take home the crown of Miss New York this year!!

I call this the “before” pic. ALL of my makeup was run off by the time they called her name as Miss NY!!

I really wish I had something eloquent to write about setting and acheiving goals, overcoming adversity, or staying true to yourself (you can read about that here). I would love to muse on the positives of pageantry, and how I have watched my girls grow into lovely young women that would not recognize themselves two years ago. I would even love to be able to toot my own horn as a first-time director with no pr, marketing or event management experience grow an organization into one of the more successful franchises in New York. But honestly, I am still jumping up and down with glee, and will have to get back to you later!!! Yaaaayyyyy!!!!!!!!!


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