Emmys; WHERE’S The Color?

I had hoped to write an insightful (lol) post commenting on the luxurious fashion choices by our women of color during the Emmys. I really did. What I did instead was spend an insane amount of time searching for more than eight women of color at all. Now, I know that it is absolutely impossible that there were less than twenty Black women of any ethnicity at the Emmy’s; that could not have been it. They just didn’t see fit to acknowledge them with a photo, or a caption.

I applaud the strides we have made so far. Sofia Vergara is the highest paid actress on television right now and has cemented the modern Latino’s spot on the consumer map, covered fashion magazines and Forbes at the same time, and her company is poised to revolutionize how America markets to the American Latino (which, until now has been piss-poor to say the very least). Kerry Washington and Columbus Short, stars of ABC’s Scandal, (with Shonda Rhimes at the helm) have redefined well-rounded, meaty Black characters on Television and I have no doubt more will follow. And yet, I still have to scour, search and dig to find acknowledgement of black men and women as fashion and beauty “icons”, or styles to emulate (with the exception of a ‘chosen few’).

What is there to do? Do we, the black consumer, rally for more faces that look like us? Do we boycott? Do we work to get into more decision-making positions? Do we put our collective forces behind outlets that take the time to showcase us as equals? I don’t know the answer, and I am not sure where to begin.


I’m not saying anything, really. Just Musing.


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