Evelyn Goes Dark; You Likey?

While I normally like experimenting on my tresses with lighter shades in the fall/winter (as I don’t have to worry about sun damage) Evelyn took a page out of the Rihanna “Good Girl Gone Single” book and debuted a darker hue this week (along with a noticeably toned-down wardrobe). Check out the before & after below:

While it’s great to see her out and about again and looking happy, I’m not completely sold on the look. I would have liked some highlights around the face to soften her cheekbones, especially since she will probably not keep up that tan. As lovely as the look is, it makes her look every bit of her 36 years (which, admittedly, may actually be what she is going for). Perhaps we are seeing the new #GrownWomanSwag side of Evelyn? Only time will tell!

What do you guys think? Am I being too hard on Evelyn? Do you think this is part of a bigger makeover in preparation for the possibility of speaking engagements?


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