Out and About; BLF….Everywhere!

The holidays are coming-which means cider, sweater-dresses and celebrations! BLF was in full force this weekend, as I decided to try out some different fall/winter looks at last week’s events:

First up, the Victoria’s Secret “Women who make a Difference” Event! Held at their 58th and Lexington Ave location, Vicki’s showcased their latest holiday lines and beauty products all while celebrating women making an impact in their communities. I decided to try belting an oversized sweater from Uniqlo-which went over so well I ended up with a new friend…

…he looks so happy. L-O-L.

The day after we hit up  LuxeColore‘s COLORE of Lifestyle Event sponsored by Uptown Magazine & BRUGAL RUM, and put together by the oh-so-fab Urban Suite PR (below, with me, looking GORGE). Held at the We Work Lounge on Grand Street, COLORE featured emerging collections from Ashtyn, Nicolye, Ketta Vaughn Cosmetics, OrGLAMic Makeup and more. And of course, it gave me a chance to test-drive my over-the-knee boots!

And last but not least, I had the pleasure of participating in the crowning of the new Miss Caribbean US, the competition that determines the US delegate for the Miss Caraibes Hibiscus Pageant, the largest and oldest International Pageant in South America. I had the honor of being the first US delegate to crack the top 10 in 2007, and I look forward to mentoring our new queen for a repeat performance! For the pageant I decided to remix my summer cocktail dress with tights and platforms…

..ah, to be tall for an evening.

Next up, a full calendar until January-whew! Spa day, anyone?


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