Holiday Hope; Get Through the Season Without the Gift of a Double-Chin!

I don’t know about you but my calendar is FULL! Between holiday parties at work, festive events with friends and family obligations the last person that sees me this month is the receptionist at my gym. **hides head in shame**

Luckily I got a great tip from FitSugar & Jeanette Jenkins, The Hollywood Trainer and all-around exercise rockstar! I follow Jeanette on Twitter and she gives all sorts of great tips on how to maintain the body you worked so hard for during the holidays. A great one is this 10-Minute Blaster video!

On days when I know I am not going to see the gym I just wake up 20-minutes earlier (just enough time for a 5-minute warmup & post-stretch) and load this up on my phone. It’s simple (definitely NOT easy, LOL!) and with some handy workout bands can be done anywhere from your bedroom to your hotel room. Along with some smart food choices on non-event days you will fit into all of the cute holiday dresses you bought two months ago (oh, I’m the only one?)! Save some coquito for meeee!!!!!


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