Dear Hollywood: Cast Gina Torres As Wonder Woman

Have I mentioned how LUCKY Morpheus is lately?

Folks over at Buzzfeed made a pretty compelling argument as to why casting Gina Torres as Wonder Woman would make a lot of sense, and as a Gina stan I am inclined to agree!


“Gina Torres is well-known in science-fiction circles as a versatile character actress. She has been Cleopatra on Xena, a freelance assassin on Alias, an evil god bent on enslaving humanity on Angel, and a pirate queen on Hercules, among others. Her most well-beloved role, though, was as first mate Zoë Washburne on Joss Whedon’s cult classic Firefly.


Of course, a geek pedigree isn’t a good enough reason to hand her one of the most famous super-heroines of all time. But combined with the following, she’s the perfect fit.”

CLICK HERE to read the rest of the article. They make a good case!!

What do you think? I think Gina would be PERFECT for the types of reboots that have been coming out lately! She would provide just the right amount of strength and vulnerability needed for a character written by the likes of David Goyer (Blade, Dark Knight) or Josh Whedon (Firefy, The Avengers). I say yay!




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