Is it bad that the only thing I caught from this entire article was how CUTE her top is? I want! I want!


erica mena

Erica Mena opens up about the pregnancy rumors, her beef with Angela Yee, relationship status with Rich Dollaz, whether she has a sex tape, her relationship with married DJ Envy and what’s on tap for her in the future.  The brawlin’ beauty chatted it up with the ladies of Supergorge Radioduring a recent sit-down and is still firing hella shots.

And if you’re wondering my she had that infamous fight in the nail salon, well let’s just say it had to do with her sexuality.

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Check out a few excerpts:

On whether or not she has a sex tape with Rich and the status of their relationship:

“Man please, if I had a sex tape, it would’ve been out a long time ago. We gotta cash that in. Why make a sex tape and nobody can…

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