Zoe Saldana Blooms in Spring!!

The flowers have bloomed and the season of Saldana has sprung!

In anticipation of her slew of blockbuster and drama projects, Zoë Saldaña hits the newsstands and lets us take a (tiny!) peek into her life. Below, Saldaña graces the cover of InStyle Hair (is it me, or does InStyle come up with a new adjective-blessed magazine every month?):



Imagine how stoked I am to see a BLACK woman on a cover of a mainstream HAIR magazine!!!!!

Zoë also is featured in May’s issue of Latina where she deftly avoids super-personal questions and gives the deets on both the highly anticipated Star Trek sequel (for which I already have my ticket), the Nina Simone project (and its backlash), love (no, she does not discuss Cooper, dang it!) and the exhaustion than inevitably comes from starring in not one but TWO iconic blockbuster films in a year.


 You can pick up your copy of Instyle Hair on the newsstands now, and Latina hits your favorite store April 5th!


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