StyleWatch: Between the Pages

Spring may have just started to show its face but the ladies are bringing the heat to the newsstands! Check out all the features below:

Naya Rivera steams up Allure’s “nude” issue yet somehow manages to look perfectly normal sitting poolside. I wonder what would happen If I tried it?

allure-041613- (3)

Rosario Dawson showed off her gorgeous gams (and a new edgier look-is that a shaved head I see?) in the upcoming issue of GQ Magazine. I’m getting a major Ohmyra Mota vibe from this shoot! With “Sin City 2” in theaters soon I doubt this is the last (or least?) we’ll see of Rosario.

R Dawson 04172013 4

And finally “The Voice” social correspondent Christina Millian dazzles in an array of swimwear looks for Cosmo Latina. Work it, chica!!


Um…anyone else feel a sudden urge to hit the gym? Just me? Oh….


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