BLF Celebrates Independent Retailer Month-Rain Africa

July is in full swing-which means barbeques, sun and…Independent Retailer Month?

That’s correct! Nationwide, July is dedicated to highlighting small, local and independent retailers and businesses adding value to their niche and their neighborhoods by keeping quality (and dollars) home. With that in mind, we thought it would be fun to highlight some of our favorite retailers, mini-moguls and businesses in the city for you to check out!
First up, the urban oasis that is Rain Africa!


Nestled in the heart of Midtown at Rockefeller Center, Rain offers a haven for both tourists and cubicle warriors alike. With pristine white walls and simple shelves lined with more options than you’d expect, Rain takes a simple concept and makes it eco-friendly, unique and surprisingly affordable. Featuring handmade bath products from their rural South African Factory, owners Bev, Simon and Hendrien combine a luxe spa experience with a local touch.
When I first visited the space (which was, fittingly, in the middle of a summer shower) the very first thing I noticed was the smell. Usually when you walk into bath and skincare-type stores your nose is assaulted upon arrival but the fragrance here was light and inviting. Open product containers line the shelves inviting you to take a sniff or feel for yourself. Here you can purchase the original blends featuring herbs (you can actually see), tea infusions and unique spice blends by the pound (yes, the pound!), and even bring your own containers!
Knowledgeable staff is also on hand to personalize the product to suit your varying skincare needs. You can customize everything from scrubs to soaks to address each of your concerns. For example, being in my 30’s (hush, y’all) I struggle with combination skin and dry patches on my face. I am always concerned with keeping the skin tight on my body, and do everything I can to promote good circulation as spider and varicose veins run in my family. My product specialist took all of that information and concocted an exfoliator for my face that left it smooth and hydrated without being oily, as well as an energizing body scrub and a soak to promote lymphatic drainage. If I haven’t gushed about this place enough, the entire thing set me back less than fifty bucks (budget fashionistas take note)!

Forget heading over the next time you are in that section of town, Rain is worth its own trip. Tell them I said hi!!


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