GirlCrush: Orange is the New Black’s Dascha Polanco

Confession: I don’t own a TV (I know, how’s the Single Black Latina to get a man if he can’t watch his sports in the house, lol!). So había encantado to discover all sorts of new options popping up on the web- including original programming from outlets like Netflix! My newest obsession is Netflix’s “Orange is the New Black”, a show centered on the real-life story of a New Yorker who trades in the city life for an orange jumpsuit when he past catches up with her. It features an awesome multi-ethnic cast (networks, take note!) including the lovely Dominicana Dascha Polanco. Although a newcomer on the Hollywood scene, she’s already doing big things! Here are five reasons why Dascha is my newest Girl Crush:


Dascha was a role-model before we even knew her name. Before the mother of three was walking the red carpet she was working full-time while finishing her nursing degree-her first audition for OITNB was in scrubs! And speaking of which…


Polanco holds a Bachelor’s Degree in psychology and counts organic chemistry and forensic psychology among her favorite subjects. One of her dream-jobs was a Fragrance Chemist (it’s not too late for an Orange is the New Black perfume, hint hint!). She applies her background and work ethic into researching for her roles.


When asked what her must-have items for long set days were, she simply replied “Lip balm!” Dascha describes her off-set look as a combination of “mod vintage” and “comfort”, and looks to curve-loving designers like Carmen Marc Valvo for her red-carpet ensembles.


When asked how she met her now-fiancé at the Dominican Day Parade, Dascha jokes she just strolled right up and commented on his freckles! Um, can you throw me a couple of pick-up lines? Shadow me at happy hour? Drinks on me!



“I’m very proud to be representing Latinas and women of color, young mothers and full-figured women. I just love that we’re seeing different types of people on screen. It’s so exciting…Really; I want them to realize that everything and anything is possible with dedication. Keep on believing, keep on going.”

Dascha stars in Orange is the New Black and also can be seen in the upcoming independent film “Gimme Shelter” opposite Vanessa Hudgens. I can’t wait to see more of her and wish her the best in her upcoming projects!

How about you- any new girl-crushes? Leave your picks below!



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