Garcelle Beauvais Breaks Barriers with Children’s Book “I Am Mixed”

Scan any children’s section of your favorite bookstore and you will see a plethora of books helping children cope with difficult circumstances. From divorce to pet passing’s on and even jail, there is no shortage of material to get your child through the challenges of everyday life. So it is refreshing to see new books on the subject of race, identity and self-love on the shelves to help children navigate their ever-increasing multi-cultural environments! One such new book is actress and super-mom Garcelle Beauvais’ book “I Am Mixed”.

The first book in Stranger Comics “I Am” Series (with inspiring follow up books such as “I Am Adopted” and divorce-coping “I Am Living in Two Homes”) Garcelle hopes to promote self-acceptance as well as introduce children to the beauty of diversity. Inspired and influenced by both her experiences growing up as a Haitian immigrant in Massachusetts and raising twin boys of mixed-race, Beauvais tackles common questions and offers child-friendly answers:

I say, I am all these things and so much more. I am all things fine and fair and coarse. And beautiful brown.”

“I Am” offers both children and parents a tool for discussions at home and in the classroom, and has already received glowing praise by critics, parents and celebrities alike. I am glad to see more books like these and I hope it will encourage positive conversation and most of all acceptance and love.

I Am Mixed” hits shelves this week and is also available for order on If you get this book let me know what you think!


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