Yaya Alafia Debutes Baby Glow at “The Butler” Premiere

Somebody’s eating for two!!

This is turning out to be quite the fruitful summer. Just weeks after “Devious Maids” star Dania Ramirez announced her twin’s arrival via twitpic’d sonogram, America’s Next Top Model alum-turned actor (and natural hair icon) Yaya Alafia (formerly Yaya DaCosta) proudly displayed her curves and growing pregnancy on the red carpet for the New York premiere of “The Butler”!


Yaya rounds out the impressive star-studded ensemble cast in the Lee Daniels movie, which follows an African American butler serving in the White House through the tenures of several presidents. The Butler also features fellow Latina Mariah Carey (not pictured below).


The Butler hits theaters August 16th and I for one cannot wait to see it! It has been raking in the positive reviews and I am so happy to see a film take a much more nuanced and complex look at a too-often overused concept. I will definitely be chiming in with my review!


3 thoughts on “Yaya Alafia Debutes Baby Glow at “The Butler” Premiere

  1. I’ve always liked Yaya. She is a beautiful woman. A real natural beauty! Her husband is a very lucky man. But I think you made a mistake in your headline. Yaya was never on American Idol. I think you’re thinking of America’s Next Top Model. That’s the show she was on with Tyra Banks. I have mixed emotions about this film The Butler. A few years ago black women played maids in the film The Help. And now we have The Butler with a black man playing yet another servant. There is so much beautiful black/African stories to tell. Why are we still playing servants in 2013?? We have a lot of great stories to be proud of but the Hollywood elite don’t want those stories told. The want us to keep playing the same stereotypical roles. I love Yaya and I wish her the best in the future. But I don’t think I’ll be going to see this film.

  2. Kushite Prince, while I generally agree with what you have said, I do have to say that this particular story is a little more poignant than say that of The Help. The Butler is actually based on a real life person versus on a fictionalized account (though with some real life basis). Eugene Allen (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eugene_Allen), who the movie The Butler is based on, was someone worth talking about. At the end of the day, in today’s terms he may not be looked at as someone “great” but he broke a barrier that paved the way for many others. We talk about the great Jackie Robinson who broke barriers in baseball. Well, Mr. Allen broke a glass ceiling that allowed people of color to not be relegated to just the jobs requiring brute force but actually to managerial positions. Being a head butler or in his case a maitre d’hotel is a lot more than just dusting and setting tables. But in today’s society where we count only big accomplishments like discovering cures for diseases and more, we sometimes forget these “smaller” stories that are also important too.

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