StyleWatch: On the Covers

December is giving us loads to celebrate, as lovely Latinas graced the covers on the newsstands this month! Joan Smalls and Zoe Saldana both sat with their respective publications to discuss breaking down barriers in their industries.

In the upcoming issue of Elle, Joan speaks freely about the modeling industry’s lack of diversity.


‘People hide behind the word aesthetic. They  say, “Well, it’s just that designer’s aesthetic.” But when you see  18 seasons  in a row and not one single model outside a certain skin  color…?’ she mused. ‘There are people in the industry who are advocates, who support diversity. And there are people who do not. I  don’t get  it. Beauty is universal. These doors have to open,’

Meanwhile Zoe covers Modern Luxury Manhattan, where she discusses her caution in selecting roles that properly reflect the modern woman.

Zoe Manhattan Mag

‘I’m known for being selective in parts I either  pick or pursue, and what matters most is that they be good female roles where  the character isn’t cardboard or objectified, and where there’s real substance.’ she enthused. ‘No generic girlfriend or wife, and no sexy bombshell. Enough of that already!’

Considering Joan has been named World’s top supermodel for a second year and Saldana has been in some of the top-grossing film franchises of this decade, I’d say they’re paving the way quite nicely, don’t you?

Both magazines are currently in newsstands, so pick up your copy today!


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