Style Watch; Love and Other Covers

Ebony is celebrating Love in February (of course!) and featured some of our faves on the cover!

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon grace one of multiple covers for their February “Black Love” issue, and inside Cannon gushes about what attracted him to the pop diva:

“It was early on when I found out how spiritual she was, and we had conversations about kids and how to live life, “Nick mused. “For her to share these values, it instantly let me know this is the person I’ve always wanted.”

Carmelo and La La Anthony also graced the Ebony cover, where La La described how she knew Carmelo would always be in her life:

“We knew no matter what, we wanted each other. We needed [to be] in each other’s life, and that’s what’s been able to sustain this relationship all those years.

And finally, Zoe talks tough-love and personal style in Lucky Magazine for February.

“I can give two s–ts about what somebody thought I looked like. At the moment I conceived wearing an outfit, I had a thousand reasons,” says Saldana. “And now that it’s done, and I’m getting feedback that’s not positive, I’m going to regret it? I take responsibility for my actions, whether the outcome is positive or negative.”

Here’s to getting a little more love this year!


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