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New York’s Native Elianor Launches the Beauty Box Expo Series Tour Catering to the Wedding and Beauty Industries

NEW YORK CITY— Native Elianor,  the highly successful New York-based hair and make-up industry professional and CEO of GlamMuaHds, announced the launch of her newest venture, The Beauty Box Expo, International. A series of beauty and bridal centric events, the Beauty Box Expos (BBE) are one day events designed to showcase and educate attendees through interactive experiences featuring new and established brands alongside the most innovative products and services in the wedding, hair, cosmetics and skincare industries. The series kicks off with its inaugural events in New York City on June 7th and 8th at Shadow Boxers, located at 215 West 40th Street in midtown Manhattan.

“From a very young age, fashion has been my life,” says Beauty Box Expo Founder, Native…

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Latinos and Whiteness: On Being Sold An Empty White Privilege Knapsack

Race-work, Race-love

Sophia (@sophiagurule) on May 30th replied to my tweet about White Supremacy and Latinidad:

‪@BlancaVNYC : and yep ‪#nuncamas. this [choosing White on the Census] has haunted/shaped my life, and used against me, and I’m just done with it.”

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For many Latinos in the U.S., race is still an elusive and misunderstood concept. This is due to many reasons but primarily for this one: Latinos have been taught that we are not a race, that instead, we are an ethnicity, and therefore have the ability/privilege to dodge the race question altogether.

The problem of the 20th century is the problem of the color line – W.E.B. Du Bois

For Latinos, the race question on a Census is confused for the color question. For the 2000 Census, even Latinos who were unmistakably White, Black, Native…

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The Intuitive Activist: Self-Care in Troubled Times

As the weekend arrives and more activities are planned to protest the tragic events surrounding Eric Garner, I wanted to share on here a post from my personal blog, My Table For One. It is important in times such as these to take a moment and pause to find direction, as it is easy to get lost in the constant push forward to act. Read, and if this helps you, please share.

My Table For One

“Did you feel empowered?”

I stared at the text, unsure of how to answer. I’d participated in a Justice for Mike Brown rally the evening before; transfixed by faces as wearied as mine. Weary from hours spent every evening since it began; watching the feeds from Ferguson, worried about what would happen to the residents. To my friends. Even more concerned about what would happen if I stopped watching. Watching until uneasy sleep overtook me, arising to feel guilt overtake me.

“I have a lot of feelings,” I answered. ”None include ‘empowered’, though.”

I was exhausted; I was spent and emotionally numb. I’d done everything I could do from my location; I furiously forwarded information to my friends that were not tuned in the way I was. I’d donated and passed on the links to everyone I knew. I’d argued with my associates that got their news from traditional sources…

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