Many of you have come here to get a few questions answered; namely, why do I look like (see photo above) and proudly proclaim “Latina & Fabulous!” It’s pretty simple; my family hails from Puerto Rico…and happens to be Black. With that out of the way, I shall go back to speaking in the third person….

A proud NewYorican and former Miss Caribbean USA, Maris has rubbed shoulders with Prime Ministers and supermodels alike. She currently utilizes her background in beauty, television and public speaking as an image consultant and coach to young women, and volunteers her services to teens through nonprofit orgs for at-risk youth.


I feel this would be the perfect place to insert my disclaimer!

**Please note, this blog is solely for the celebration and showcase of the many different shades that lend themselves to the Latino culture, namely of the darker hue, that might get overlooked or mis-categorized by the mainstream media. You can look forward to reading everything about fashion tips for your curves, news and sightings of and about your favorite Black Latino Celebrities, Tips and tricks to tame your natural curls, how to look like your favorite BLF celebrities for less, and a few of my personal thoughts and experiences as a Black Latina sprinkled in!

We here at Black, Latina & Fabulous! would like for you to celebrate with us and have fun! We are not a movement (although there is a fabulous one you can read about HERE), and we are not giving history lessons on how Black Latinos came to be (although you can get some great information HERE and HERE). Just know we are here, we are fab, and we are happy to have you join us for the ride! Besos!

4 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Ok, I wanna get this straight. You’re actually a black Latina (apparently) who actually admits it lol!? Wow, this’ the first time I ever came across a black Latina who kept it real and admitted that…at least in the non-Latin world.

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